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COVER STORY: 10 Most Influential Finance Executives to Watch

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From Financial Advisor to Published Author: Gil Baumgarten’s Multi-Faceted Success

Our very own Gil Baumgarten was featured on CIO View’s May 2023 cover as an “Influential Finance Executive to Watch in 2023.” Gil shares the journey of his career, how to navigate the tax code, and his future plans for Segment Wealth Management.

“In today’s global market, comprehending the diverse definitions of success across cultures is paramount. To discern how leaders perceive this treasured trait in their professional and personal lives, we sought the stance of various prominent personalities. In our cover story today, we explore the insights of Gil Baumgarten, the President and CEO of Segment Wealth Management, LLC.

Gil Baumgarten, an esteemed financial advisor and industry veteran, founded Segment Wealth Management in 2010 to create a fiduciary firm that prioritizes the alignment of client and firm interests.”

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