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SEARCH Homeless Services

SEARCH Homeless Services pursues a mission of providing hope, creating opportunity, and transforming lives.

Core Values

SEARCH Homeless Services is committed to providing quality services to our program participants, and being good neighbors to our community and responsible stewards of our resources.

SEARCH’s distinctive character is evident in our interactions with clients, the community and with each other, and our core values are the foundation of our culture.

We base our high standards of service on five basic principles. Every decision we make—from client matters to strategic positioning—is tested and measured against these principles.

  • Integrity

    We do the right thing and make the right choice.

  • Trust

    We are credible, competent and keep our commitments.

  • Authentic Communication

    We respectfully exchange ideas, information and perspectives.

  • Client-Centered

    We make clients the central focus of our work.

  • Learning Organization

    We foster education, innovation and discovery.