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Segment’s client strategies are founded on a few fundamental beliefs.



We make it easy to do business with us by communicating clearly and concisely.

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We are available and responsive to our clients. We are focused, precise, and consistent in our strategies and their implementation.



We are dedicated to achievement and performing to the highest professional standards. We are prepared, and will always strive to deliver superior service and execution.



We behave with respect, integrity, and character. We are accurate, realistic, and accountable. We always act fairly and comply with all laws.


Markets accurately price all known information virtually instantaneously and also very quickly and accurately provide a “handicapped” consensus view about expectations for the future.


Investors tend to go with the crowd, despite the crowd’s miserable track record. The group-think tendency to buy what has already risen and sell what has already fallen has been a precursor to every financial disaster. Awareness of these trends can create exploitable opportunities for investors with boldness, vision, and perspective.


Managing taxes and investment management expenses are two of the easiest ways to enhance performance. Controlling these two known variables provides a low-risk means to maximize the impact of a client’s investments. Segment’s preference for low-cost and tax-efficient vehicles like Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) allows us to assist clients in avoiding the hidden costs and tax pitfalls of certain financial products.


The stock market can be unpredictable. While there are periodic instances in which stocks offer less than average prospects, we have no doubt that the stock market presents the best opportunities for long term wealth building. We believe that as long as stocks at some point rise in value in the future, the only investor who loses is the one who sells impatiently, or in fear, and thus gives away his chance at recovery.

In order to help our clients prepare for the periodic losses that are certain to occur, Segment emphasizes risk budgeting.Staying power is often the determinant of success, and we advise our clients and construct their portfolios so that both are prepared for changes in the market.


We have found over the decades that, for many clients, investment decision making and consumption patterns are linked, and clients with high expectations for returns tend to make worse decisions. Clients who withdraw excessively from their accounts also tend to make rash decisions at the first sign of trouble, because market-induced risk is viewed as an immediate threat to their consumption patterns and lifestyles.

Often, these investors experience the worst of what the market has to offer because they have a hard time contextualizing risks, expectations, and time. An experienced investment advocate can steer clients in the direction that they need to go but fear to tread. It’s especially important for that advocate to not be compensated for investment activity because this arrangement creates a situation in which agreeing with client bias generates commissions for the advisor. Avoiding this conflict of interest ensures the client has a trusted advisor with clear vision and unbiased perspective.


We often serve in the role of both investment manager and investment consultant. This means that we may manage some portions of the client’s portfolio, while we may hire outside managers for others. This can be accomplished via individual securities, separate accounts, hedge funds, ETFs, and occasionally mutual funds. We strive to spend client fee dollars in a manner that generates the best odds of success for the client. We will not waste our time and our client’s fee money on poor management or questionable investment products, opting instead for high-quality managers (or hedge funds) or low-risk, low-tax exposure index returns instead of spending client dollars on “closet indexers” like the many mutual funds that sell investors one thing and deliver another.

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