Segment Wealth Management is a leading financial advisory firm founded on the belief that low fees, tax efficiency, and maintaining a long-term perspective are key to financial success.

We know investors often spend loads of time, money, and energy managing their wealth without seeing the results they want. 

We also know that the typical brokerage firm presents themselves as the key to unlock mind blowing results for anyone willing to pay for their services. By now, you’ve likely realized how empty the promises of ‘financial advice’ can be, yet how difficult the financial ecosystem is to navigate alone. At Segment Wealth Management, we get it. We advocate for you, helping you gain maximum value from your portfolio.

After 25 years on Wall Street, our founder Gil Baumgarten grew frustrated with brokerage firms routinely emphasizing their own interests over those of clients, siphoning off fees that put clients at a disadvantage. That’s why Gil made a break for it to start Segment. Segment is a fee-only RIA that is legally bound to prioritize the client’s best interest. We keep costs and taxes to an absolute minimum so you and your family are set up to succeed. For the past 10 years, we’ve helped hundreds of people just like you transition from disappointment, confusion, and frustration to clarity, understanding, and freedom. 

Our process is simple. We align our success with yours, allocate your assets according to your risk level, and optimize our strategies to your specific goals. We believe you can have financial success and with it, gain peace of mind. 

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Gil Baumgarten

is a 36-year veteran of the securities and investment industry. After beginning his career at the venerable EF Hutton in the early 1980s, Gil became a top producer for UBS and Smith Barney, what is today Morgan Stanley. However, Gil found Wall Street routinely emphasized its own interests over those of the client. By the time 2010 came about, Gil jumped off the brokerage train to start Segment, a fee-only firm where the interests of the client could align with the interests of the firm.

In 2021, Gil published his first book, FOOLISH: How Investors Get Worked Up and Worked Over by the System. The best-selling book highlights the hidden problems endemic among Wall Street brokerage firms, as well as the deeply rooted self-destructive tendencies of investors, and provides investors with an actionable path forward.

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Named one of the top-20 Exchange-Traded Funds thought leaders in America by Barron’s and The Wall Street Journal, Gil’s expertise is frequently recognized and called upon. He is a multi-year recipient of the Barron’s Top 1,200 Financial Advisors in the US distinction given to the best financial advisors in the United States; has been ranked by Barron’s as one of the 35 best advisors in Texas; has been recognized by The Financial Times as one of the Top 300 Registered Investment Advisors in America; and is a perennial recipient of the Texas Monthly Magazine Five-Star Advisor award, which is based on an independent study of client satisfaction. Having participated as one of six beta-testers in a national UBS program on all-ETF portfolios, Gil is one of only a handful of professional money managers with a 16-year all-ETF portfolio track record. Beyond that, Gil has been a guest commentator on Bloomberg Radio and even hosted his own radio talk show called Dollars and Sense. (Please see Limitations.)

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An avid outdoorsman, Gil has traveled the world hunting and fishing. Gil excels at sports and activities involving precision. He was his university’s billiard champion and likes golf, archery, darts, skeet, and marksmanship.

Gil is an award-winning woodworker, specializing in a particular art form called segmentation, from which the firm’s name is derived. Segmentation is the assembly of various species of wood cut to fit in a precise pattern. This knack for precision extends to Gil’s investment strategies, where risk components and financial strategies are added and subtracted from client accounts with the same attention to detail.

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Gil and his wife Sue are both present and past board members and volunteers of numerous charities, including National Christian Foundation, Young Life, Young Lives, Coastal Conservation Association, Star of Hope, Lamar High School Alumni Association, and others. They are former resident house-parents of a ministry called LifeHouse, where women who are experiencing unplanned pregnancies are provided housing, help, and hope.

The Baumgartens are active members of Seven Mile Road Church in Houston and have three children who have graduated from TCU, Ole Miss, and Pepperdine.